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Most parents of children with disabilities or chronic health problems suffer a great deal of stress. It is not easy to be the parent of a child on the autism spectrum. There are many reasons why parents with children with autism experience high levels of stress and depression.

Being a parent is not easy. Parents worry themselves sick about their children’s well-being everyday. However, the battles of parents who have children diagnosed with autism may be different. In addition to worrying about their children’s well-being, these parents experience other issues like fighting for services, spending their life savings, and sacrificing their jobs. Moreover, parents with children with autism deal with the everyday feeling of the injustice of it all and, in turn, may experience feelings of rage, depression, and hopelessness.  As a parent, the initial reaction and instinct to protect and heal is normal for just about any situation. However, these parents will eventually burn out. The question is how do we help parents who have children diagnosed with autism?

The reality is we may not be able to fully understand parents with autistic children unless we are actually in their shoes. Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of those who work in the field of service to provide these parents with care and empathy.

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