Client Trouble

When the app and web version of Catalyst are not matching. 

For example, you may introduce a goal, add/remove a behavior, master a goal, but the therapist’s catalyst does not match what should be present. 

You can try these options…

option ONE

Tap the Fetch Trial Data button. Check to see if it worked.

option TWO.1

Tap Manage Students.

option TWO.2

Tap Remove Student

option TWO.3

Click on the add button by the student you just removed. After the download check to see if problem was solved.

option THREE.1

Tap the programs to run link under All Targets for the student in question.

option THREE.2

Tap the circle next to All. Then tap again to uncheck all programs. 

option THREE.3

Then check all programs you want to add. When done, check to see if it worked.