Creating HOPE for a better tomorrow, one family at a time!

Since our founding in 2006, we at Creative Solutions for Hope have been committed to providing children and families the chance to reach their full potential. Through our devoted team of highly-skilled experts, we apply the principles and methodologies of applied behavior analysis (ABA) to create individualized instruction and “programming” geared to benefit children with: Developmental disabilities, Learning disabilities, Behavior problems, ADHD and Autism Spectrum disorders.

Using this individualized approach, we work to improve the overall happiness of children and their families by steadily improving their day-to-day lives. Our team of experienced board-certified behavior analysts, licensed psychologists, supervisors, senior behavior therapists and behavior therapists have a combined experience of over 100 years in helping children who face a variety of challenges. We at Creative Solutions for Hope use this experience to apply ABA principles as effectively as possible to create lasting change.

Maladaptive behaviors can be troubling and frustrating for the families of those who suffer from them, but there are proven approaches that can help. ABA and approaches based upon it have proven effective since the 1960s, and these techniques and our understanding of them have continued to improve. At Creative Solutions for Hope, we use what works. We apply a variety of techniques, including discrete trial training, verbal behavior programming, natural environment or incidental teaching, social skills and social cognitive development, and functional communication training. We offer a variety of supervision and therapy services, allowing families to adopt a comprehensive approach.

With the recent increase in the incidence of behavioral issues in our society, not only has the demand for this type of analysis increased, but so has the need for qualified ABA providers and specialists familiar with these disorders and disabilities. Our team continues to work to help meet this growing need. The path of ABA treatment can be difficult, but Creative Solutions for Hope is here to help children and families succeed, regardless of the challenge.