Joanna Leal, M.A., is one of the area’s leading experts in behavior analysis of children. Her credentials give her unique insight into the needs of children with behavioral disorders, while her experience in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) allows her to conduct behavioral assessments and provide interventional therapy in an effective and meaningful way. She is dedicated to providing exceptional care to her patients and to improving the lives of those with disabilities.

Joanna holds a Master’s degree in Teaching along with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Social Behaviors. She is a highly trained analyst who uses a variety of ABA tools proven effective through extensivePark-8747 research and clinical trials, including one-on-one intervention, parent consultations, functional behavior assessments, social skills intervention, and program supervision. Joanna also serves as a Professor with National University teaching BCBA Graduate coursework.

Joanna has substantial experience in Discrete Trial Training and Pivotal Response Training, which are special clinical techniques that allow her to work with children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. These techniques are especially helpful for children with autism. Joanna focuses her interventions in the natural environment as much as possible. In particular, Pivotal Response Training allows her to focus on specific “pivotal” areas of the child’s development, including motivation, response to environmental cues, social interaction and self-management, to achieve client goals in an efficient manner. Her goal is to improve the child’s social health, communication skills, behavior and academic skills.

Joanna is passionate about the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, as she feels the techniques truly improve the quality of life for every family she sees in her practice. Joanna Leal, M.A., BCBA focuses on building cohesive family units through professional and compassionate behavioral analysis and intervention.