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At Creative Solutions for Hope (CSH), we empower our team with the right tools and training so you can cultivate your own full potential. Regardless of where you are in your career path, we focus on your personal growth and setting you up for future success.

When you join CSH, you join a team that is built of passionate individuals who genuinely care for one another. We are all driven to learn from one another and support each other in achieving our mission. In doing so, this care extends beyond our team and onto our clients. 

"Each employee here continues to serve with a passion for remembering your 'why' - why they chose this profession in the first place and why they continue to stay in this field. Everyone's 'why' varies, but it should be clear to most that being a behavioral therapist is not just a job. It's an impactful career in which we have the chance to positively influence a child's life by providing them with the essential skills and tools they need to lead a fulfilling life."

-Asha Desai Bhakta, CEO
CEO of ABA autism therapy company