Buttons and boxes

Info boxes

[box width=”200″]This is an info box.[/box] [box color=”green”]This is a success message info box.[/box] [box color=”yellow”]This is a warning message info box.[/box] [box color=”red”]This is an error message info box.[/box] [horDouble]


[button size=”tiny” float=”left”]Tiny Button[/button] [clear] [button size=”tiny” float=”right” round=”round”]Rounded Tiny Button – Right Float[/button] [clear] [button size=”tiny” float=”left” round=”roundX”]Extra Rounded Tiny Button[/button] [horDashed] [button float=”left”]Button[/button] [clear] [button float=”right” round=”round”]Rounded Button – Right Float[/button] [clear] [button float=”left” round=”roundX”]Extra Rounded Button[/button] [horDashed] [button size=”big” float=”left”]Big Button[/button] [clear] [button size=”big” float=”right” round=”round”]Rounded Big Button – Right Float[/button] [clear] [button size=”big” float=”left” round=”roundX”]Extra Rounded Big Button[/button]

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