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Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Clinical Director

Location: Orange County, California

Position Description

Department: Clinical

Job Description Summary

The Clinical Director for Creative Solutions for Hope (“CSH”) is responsible for managing and supervising all functions of the clinic. This includes consulting with the direct supervision and service staff (i.e., therapist, supervisors and administrative staff). They will have involvement in all important decisions. The Clinical Director monitors staffing, case specifics and implementation of protocols that adhere to following CSH policies and guidelines.

Reporting Relationships:

The Clinical Director reports directly to the Executive Clinical Director.

Job Requirements/Mandatory:

  • Must have BCBA certification
  • Must have at least five years’ experience as a Clinical Supervisor
  • Must be computer literate:
    • Excel
    • Microsoft
    • PowerPoint
  • Must be able to work weekends as needed/required by the company.
  • Must complete on-going training to support job competency.
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) current certification.

Physical Job Requirements:

  • Body positions: sitting, standing, and kneeling
  • Body movements: walking, running, bending, twisting
  • Body senses: the ability to see, hear, and speak articulately are required.
  • Intellectual abilities: the ability to understand and follow written and verbal instructions. The ability to provide written and verbal instructions to subordinates

Working Conditions:

Employees may be working in the following settings, an office, the community, in schools, and/or in client homes.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Administration
  • Assessments
  • Case Management
  • Clinical
  • Consultation
  • CSH Program Events
  • Internal Communication
  • Oversee Clinical Supervisors/Managers
  • Oversees all Clinical Departments of CSH
  • Report Writing
  • Training

Duties and Tasks


  • Fulfill organization required fulfillment of contract hours on a weekly/monthly basis (i.e., 1:1, Parent Consult (PC), and Supervision hours)
  • Oversees all of organization contracts to assure company required fullfillment
  • Work schedule (“NPA”) to be filled in completely prior to 1st of each month
  • Renders and locks schedule by due date
  • 2-week notice for any vacation request with appropriate paperwork
  • Submit permanent schedule changes in writing to the Executive Clinical Director for approval (using appropriate paperwork)
  • Submits schedule change requests within 24 hours of therapists’ initial requests
  • Submit parent verification forms (Department of Developmental Services – DDS) by due date
  • Conduct regular inspections of therapists and supervisor schedules on the NPA system
  • Archive data and complete Monthly Summary (MS)/Behavior Graphs for each case monthly (this is Clinical Supervisor responsibility unless there is a senior therapist to delegate to)
  • Complete all assigned tasks on time (to be determined per assignment)
  • Remain HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant at all times ensuring all client files are protected
  • Attend all Creative Solutions for Hope (CSH) companywide training
  • Respond to all therapist e-mails, phone calls within 24 hours
  • Respond to families e-mails, phone calls within 24 hours
  • Maintains organization compliance


  • Must be fluent in performing functional behavior assessments
  • Communicate the contractual information and assessment agreements with office manager, upon receiving the assessment
  • Work with clients to arrange observation dates
  • Be fluent in Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills (ABLLS), Adaptive Behavior Assessment System (ABAS), etc. assessment and developmental needs of clients
  • Be able to take clear, concise and relevant notes on observations of behavior, caregiver and interview process
  • Be fluent in goal writing with each funding sources and/or intended submittal source (i.e. – Regional Center goals vs. school district goals vs. private program goals vs. parent goals etc.)
  • Be able to administer tests, surveys and other informal assessment tools
  • Be able to clearly summarize the results of the conducted assessment and all components: mediator analysis, functional analysis, goals, observations
  • Respond to all assessment correspondences within 24 hours (i.e. – phone call from school principle to arrange observation etc.)
  • Meet all deadlines associated with assessment submittal
  • For clinical assessments: Clinical Director may be asked to organizing the clinic room, ensuring the cleanliness of the space provided so that others can utilize the room to its full capacity
  • Conducts assessments for new/current clients

Case Management:

  • Assign tasks accordingly: stimuli creation, monthly summaries, office hours- with e-mail follows up as the task is assigned and approved
  • Attend Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings as needed
  • Case development meetings with Clinical Supervisor/ Case Manager minimum 1 time a month
  • Attend Planning Team Meetings (PTM)’s for Regional Center cases
  • Complete Monthly Summaries (MS)/Behavior Graphs on monthly basis
  • Complete Performance Reviews for Behavior Therapists, Seniors, Case Managers and Supervisors by due date.
  • Complete report rating sheet and submit with report to the Executive Clinical Director
  • Create and regularly update behavior support plans
  • Create logbook for client’s program in conjunction with the most recent assessment
  • Creates client schedules
  • Demonstrates good judgment in resolving and when addressing concerns
  • Fills in necessary hours to maximize every contract
  • Follows up on purchase order (POS) contracts
  • Makes recommendations involving employees rates of pay
  • Mandatory attendance at all monthly supervisor meetings
  • Monitors weekly and monthly requirements for assigned cases and ensures that staff completes these requirements and submit by the deadlines.
  • Oversee contract fulfillment with all Clinical Supervisors and attend/conduct Clinical Supervisor meetings.
  • Participates in decision making involving the hiring and termination of employees
  • Participates in employee disciplinary meetings
  • Schedule program development meetings as needed; coordinate with all team members


  • Provides appropriate feedback to families regarding case programs
  • Addresses therapists concerns in a prompt manner
  • Delegates tasks to therapists as needed
  • Models appropriate strategies to therapists when overlapping
  • Models appropriate Parent Consult (PC) to therapists as needed
  • Provide mentorship to therapists as needed
  • Assertive in communication and problem solving with families/school and funding sources
  • Complete one Therapist Feedback Form for every therapist, for every case, for every month
  • Set goals as necessary for Case Managers and Clinical Supervisors.


  • Provide consultation to caregiver/parents. This may include modeling a teaching strategy, review of data collected, review of current 1:1 and PC goals, behavior intervention plan, teaching of ABA principles, etc.
  • Provide ongoing feedback to Case Managers and Clinical Supervisors regarding case management (reviewing goal sheets and following through with all implemented goals
  • Observation of the client in various settings and situations (as needed): school, after school program, morning, afternoon, speech therapy sessions, occupational therapy sessions and community outings
  • Provide consultation regarding IEP issues and present levels as requested by caregiver(s)
  • Creates and edit clinical material/protocol as needed (i.e. checklist, training material etc.)

CSH Events:

Attend CSH events to help support the marketing and growth of the company.

Internal Communication:

  • Communicate all policy/protocol related issues immediately to Human Resources department
  • Communicate any Information and Technology (“IT”) issues that would hinder the ability to perform work duties, to IT immediately
  • Mandatory attendance at all monthly supervisor meetings
  • Be fluent in updated/current policies, adhere to those policies and ensure that knowledge of these policies is disseminated to all Creative Solutions for Hope staff employees

Oversees Clinical Supervisors and Case Managers:

  • Provide guidance to Clinical Supervisors and Case Managers on an ongoing basis to help develop skills and professionalism (e.g., Monthly Summary Updates for logbooks, FBA’s, reports, etc.)
  • Provide ongoing feedback to Clinical Supervisors and Case Managers regarding case management (reviewing goal sheets and following through with all implemented goals )
  • Train Clinical Supervisors and Case Managers for ongoing development

Report Writing:

  • Write progress reports and update the progress with baseline, previous and current data, complete summary and recommendations with minimal errors
  • Submit reports by due date


  • Conducts Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) training
  • Develop trainings and workshops based on the present needs of employees (on and off site)
  • Performs additional duties as may be assigned
  • Present company-wide trainings and demonstrate competencies on the material being presented
  • Provide BCBA supervision
  • Train Case Managers to properly manage cases with co-operation of the cases shared (i.e. – Case Managers must learn how to execute all of the tasks of the Clinical Supervisor in regards to the case(s) shared, must be fluent in consultation.)
  • Train Senior Therapists at the promotion, probation, and ongoing development levels (i.e.-quizzes, homework assignments, mentorship, review reports, provide feedback etc.)

Measures of Performance:

  • Attainment of annual goals established between Clinical Director and the Executive Clinical Director of the company
  • Meet all essential job function requirements as described in the job description
  • The Clinical Director must meet the client billable hours that are determined by the Executive Clinical Director. These hours will be subject to change, month to month dependent on the company needs. These hours are required to sustain the Clinical Director position.


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